Regulators - 1st stage

A first stage regulator connects to your cylinder and reduces the high pressure of gas it contains down to an intermediate pressure of between 8 and 10 bar. This can then be fed via a hose to your second stage for you to breathe. The first stage will have multiple connection ports used for your equipment such as your gauge console, an octopus and for items such as an air gun if required.

When selecting a 1st stage regulator you must consider the type of diving you are planning. A first stage for recreational diving does not need to have the same specification as one for deep and/or extremely cold water diving.

Generally you will buy your “regs” as a full set with a second stage, hose and gauges on a console. We would be happy to talk you through all of these items if you would like to call us or stop by.

If you are looking for a first stage on its own then we have a wide range available from the leading regulator manufacturers.

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