NIGHT & LIMITED visibility

Night and Limited Visibility

sc-lv"Diving at night means excitement, adventure and fascination all at the same time!"  The underwater world is a new and mystical world for us, but it does have its dangers,

which is why such training is suitable. While diving at night you can discover a different side of this world and you can experience it  from a completely different view.


It is an sensational feeling to discover the mysteries held underwater when the sun goes down. With the right equipment and a powerful torch there is a lot to discover. Night diving is a whole new way to experience the underwater world.

We use our training pool in Stockport and then a sheltered local open water site for the training programme which includes the following elements:



  • Night vs. Limited Visibility Diving
  • Special Equipment
  • Preparing For The Dive
  • The Dive
  • Advanced Techniques


Classroom training takes place in our Stockport training facility and the open water dives will be carried out at a local diving centre, typically a quarry such as Capernwray.

You can also select to do your night & limited visibility training in conjunction with another course or speciality. Please contact us and we can discuss the options and create a personalised dive training plan for you.

Watch the SSI Night & Limited Visibility Training video to find out more...

Watch the SSI Night & Limited Visibility Training video to find out more…


  • Use of O2 equipment and practice mannequins
  • Training documentation & certificate
  • SSI digital online training materials


Night & Limited Visibility – £175

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Please contact us for details.