Regulator Packages

Your regulator set will be one of the most important pieces of equipment you buy. As we only deal with leading manufacturers, every package we offer from entry level upwards will give you a good performance.

A first set of regulators usually includes, first stage regulator, second stage regulator, Octopus (alternate source) regulator, pressure and depth gauges on a console and the necessary connections hoses for these.

You may also need a dry suit and BCD host although these generally come with those items when you but them. Options include additions to your console such as a compass and dive computer.

You will need to think about your diving carefully so that you select the right set for the level of diving you will be undertaking. Technical and cold water diving regulators are available as are Nitrox versions and low weight regs useful if you intend to fly a lot with your gear.

Twin set and pony cylinder regulator sets are similar but require a slightly different setup so again there are some choices to be made to make sure you cover your diving needs.

We can help guide you through the various choices so please give us a call.

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