BCDs: Your buoyancy control device or BCD is available in a range of sizes and configurations. Choose one that matches your jacket size and gives you the lifting capacity you need. Any questions give our technical team a call.

Quick BCD Selection Guide

Think about these things to help you choose a BCD:

  • Where am I going to dive the most and is it warm water or cold water diving?
  • How much diving will I be doing?
  • What is my prefered cylinder configuration?
  • Do I prefer a wing or jacket?

A BCD is such a vital piece of kit, that trying one on is really recommended so you know how it fits with your body shape and configuration. The BCD that looks right online may not be as comfortable as another option when you actually put it on and a good comfortable fit is vital.

Other things you may consider are lift capacity; number and style of D rings to clip your gear to; integrated weight design; pocket size and accessibility and overall weight if you are planning on flying a lot.We’re here to help so please give us a call about the vast range of BCDs available.

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