Introducing Suunto Scuba Diving Computers -Review

Whether you are a new or seasoned diver, you will  come across Suunto scuba diving computers when doing your research for equipment. In this post, we will cover  the essential details you’ll need  before choosing the right Computer to suit your needs. 

diving cpmputers on a rock

What Are Scuba Diving Computers

Dive computers are essential tools for scuba divers, providing real-time critical dive data such as depth, time, and nitrogen absorption. They help divers stay within safe limits and have replaced physical dive tables.

Types of Suunto Dive Computers

Suunto dive computers offer a range of options for divers from beginner to technical diving professional, Some popular models are the Suunto D5, Zoop Novo, Vyper Novo, Eon Steel.

The Suunto D series is designed for scuba divers and freedivers, offering features such as adjustable altitude and conservatism settings, alarm  functions, and the ability to track different data for scuba diving and freediving.

Suunto Diving Computer Watch

The Suunto D5 features a colour screen, rechargeable battery, dive log, changeable straps, digital compass. Its sleek design makes it suitable for everyday wear. It is available in different colours, and has plenty of compatible accessories, too.

How to Choose the Right Suunto Dive Computers

When choosing a diving computer, Consider the display you want, the gases being used

Air nitrox or trimix, cylinder pressure integration. There will be a model to meet your needs.

If you are a beginner, you might want to get a simple to use model. However, if you are going in deeper and would like to have all the information displayed for advanced dives, you will need a more advanced dive computer to keep you safe and informed.

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