Dive Watches with Computer Explained

What are Dive Watches with Computer

Dive watches with a computer feature offer the functionality and look of traditional watches with the advanced features of dive computers. You can comfortably have the most important dive information on your wrist making it easier to navigate. These watches use GPS navigation to monitor and document your dive.

Types of Dive Watches with Computer

Analog Style Dive Watches: Traditional looking watches will only have limited visibility but they will tell you the depth and direction, as well as other information about your dive. It is a classic design, and has a simplistic approach to displaying your information. Don’t worry; you will see everything clearly, even under the water.

Smart Dive Watches: These are more popular, and resemble your GPS-enabled smart watch you use during your jog, your trekking, or even your bike ride. The digital displays and integrated dive computer work well together, giving you the clear picture you need under water. They are also extremely durable and easy to manage.. They display real-time data, and you can even customise dive modes. They include compasses, air integration, and wireless connectivity where available.

Dive Watches vs. Dive Computers

Dive Watches:

Dive watches are designed for underwater use (diving) and are extremely lightweight, easy to use, and convenient. They work well if you don’t want to lag a large equipment with you and still want to access all the information at one place.

All of these watches are rigorously tested for pressure, display quality, and accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost, even if you only have a diving watch to guide you.

Dive Computers:

Dive computers give you more advanced navigation. They are also working with GPS navigation, and are generally giving you much more data. You can attach them to your gear and see real live data of your dive or watch back your journey. Some of the most affordable models are the Shearwater Peregrine and the Suunto Eon Core.

diving computers and watches explained

The benefit of dive computers is that they constantly readjust decompression limits based on your depth changes. You will not have to set it manually, so you can enjoy a hands free diving adventure while staying safe.

Beginner Diving Computer Watches

For beginners, basic dive computers with depth and time tracking are great. Bear in mind that they might have no decompression limit calculations. However, they have a user-friendly interface are ideal for beginners. They are easy to use and maintain, while making sure that you have the basic information displayed.

Advanced Diving Watch Computers

Advanced dive watches offer more advanced features, including air integration, multiple dive modes, customisable vivid colour displays, and more. Most of them come with wireless connectivity as well as enhanced safety features such as detailed decompression data and deep stops to keep you safe.

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