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Aqualogistics – Dive Centre

scuba diving manchesterEstablished in 1996, Aqualogistics is a Scuba Diving ShopDive Training CentreRegulator Service Centre and Cylinder Testing Centre based in Stockport, Manchester. Over the years we’ve established an unrivalled reputation for expertise, training and advice on what skills and which equipment you need for the kind of diving you enjoy doing.

We offer a wide range of scuba diving training and products from the some of the world’s leading SCUBA diving equipment manufacturers including:

Give us a call on 0161 480 5745 or come and visit us at Unit 13 Enterprise Centre Two, Chester St, Stockport SK3 0BR, to discuss your requirements.

A Dive Centre Run by Divers for Divers

We’re all divers with years of experience and we really know our stuff, from beginner to advanced as well as technical diving using stage sets and re-breathers.

Learn to Dive

For those just setting out on their scuba diving experience and who are thinking if they want to learn to dive, we offer try dives in a local pool under close guidance of one of our experienced instructors. Try dives are a great way to experience diving and to see if learning to dive is something you want to carry on with.

Diver Training

We offer a full range of SSI training programmes, ranging from Scuba Rangers for juniors looking to learn to dive, right through beginners training for teenagers and adults up to advanced diver training for those who have qualifications and are looking to extend their dive training.

We are also a BSAC affiliated dive centre and also offer training and sales of both the Poseidon MKV1 and AP Valves Inspiration.

Online Trading and Retail Shop

We hope you like using this website and that it offers you lots of choice of scuba diving equipment and accessories. We also have a shop and test centre too, so you can collect or pop in for advice if you like. Check out our opening times.

Aqualogistics Retail Shop, Training and Service Centre.

Unit 13 Enterprise Centre Two,
Chester Street,

Aqualogistics provides inspection, servicing and repair of scuba diving equipment direct to the public as well as to other dive shops and organisations who outsource their servicing work.


Regulations require Scuba Diving and Air Gun cylinders to be regularly tested at various intervals. We offer Visual Inspection, Hydrostatic Testing and 02 Cleaning services. Please contact us for details. Intervals are as follows but please contact us on 0161 480 5745 to confirm.

  • Initial Visual Inspection following manufacture – After 2.5 years.
  • Hydraulic Inspection – Every 5 years.
  • Visual Inspection following hydraulic – Every 2.5 years.
  • Oxygen Clean service required – Every 15 months.


Your Diving Regulator is probably the single-most important piece of kit, you as a diver will own. As a guide, we would advise you to have your regulator tested by a qualified service technician at least once a year, or before further use if damaged or difficulty encountered with breathing. Enjoy peace of mind following the purchase of second hand equipment, get it tested before you rely on it with your life!

Dry Suits

Torn seals, broken or worn out zips and servicing of valves. We offer top quality repairs at reasonable prices. Call us on 0161 480 5745 let us know which suit you own and we’ll give you a quote.

BCDs and Wings

Manufacturers generally advise that Buoyancy Control Devices should be serviced regularly. Let us give you peace of mind before your next dive…!

Our service will cover the following:

Inspection of dump cords, straps, cam bands, buckles and clips for fraying, cracking and general wear. Inspection & servicing of inflator and direct hose feed quick release connector. Inspection of internal bladder, leak testing and servicing of the non-return valves and all connections. Inspection and servicing of dump and overpressure valves and seals.