Apeks TEK3 Right Hand – NITROX – 1st stage regulator


Apeks has developed unique first stages specifically for use on a twinset. The benefits of this system are that there is a minimised risk of accidental snagging, no hose kinking and easier access to the manifold valves.

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  • Compact solid one piece body
  • 3 medium pressure ports, 3 x 3/8″ UNF
  • 1 high pressure port, 1 x 7/16″ UNF
  • Environmentally dry sealed system
  • Stylish bright chrome finish
  • Balanced for superior performance
  • Metal hand wheels
  • Proven technology used by technical divers worldwide
  • Maximum working pressure 300 BAR
  • Green colouring bands for easy identification

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DIN, M26


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