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Mares Hybrid AT – BCD


The patented Mares system on the pneumatic valves makes it possible to inflate and deflate the scuba BCD, no matter what your position in the water is. The shoulder straps have no stitching and there is special padding on the backpack in the lumbar area. Integrated trim weights and MRS Plus weight system.

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  • Sizes: XS/S · M/L · XL
  • Material: Cordura®420 / Cordura®420
  • Rings: 6 in aluminium
  • Weight: Kg 3.5 / Lb 7.7
  • Lift: XS/S 145 N (14,8kg / 32.6lb) — M/L 200 N (20,5kg / 45.1lb) — XL 235 N (24kg / 52.9lb)
  • Mrs small: max 4 kg
  • Mrs large: max 6 kg
  • Airtrim for fast and intuitive buoyancy control
  • Foldable backpack and suspension system
  • New ultraflat pneumatic valves
  • Airtrim: Patented technology for easiest and precise buoyancy control in all positions and conditions. The control device is always at hand and placed in the most ergonomic position.
  • Foldable Backpack: Ideal for travelling thanks to its reduced dimensions when packed and its marked weight reduction compared to a traditional backpack. Integrated rubber pads provide secure grip of the tank and carrying comfort.
  • Fusion Bladder: Combines features of backmounted and classic backpack. High lift capacity, unrestricted movement and a comfortable position on the surface characterise this type of bladder.
  • Suspension System: Inspired by the design of modern hiking backpacks, the system avoids direct contact between body and tank support.

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